Expo-Line is a European company, mainly active in the world of soccer, with offices in Belgium and France. Since 1989 Expo-Line has been known for the development, production and introduction of innovative coatings, better known as line paint. In the meantime Expo-Line has developed into a total bespoke partner for sports clubs, municipalities and schools across national borders.

Expo-Line has its origins in the Belgian town of Beringen. In 1989 when soccer players still went home with burns from chalk lines, we developed a ready-to-use lining paint: Expo-Line Direct. A water-based sports field lining that respects the environment and players and is still part of our range.

More than two decades later, our Belgian family business has become an international player in the field of sports field lines. Expo-Line taught the soccer world to line its fields with a ready-to-use paint that does not settle. Our account managers travel all over the world and are in contact with stakeholders, field managers, volunteers, referees and C-level decision makers.

Still Expo-Lines core business is to line and/or support the ‘field managers’ at all levels because that is what keeps us moving, that is why we are here! To create a ‘Brilliant Game’.

Expo-Line’s market covers many European and non-European countries and has many international references. In order to serve associations, clubs, institutions and ultimately users or partners better and more accurately Expo-Line has been expanded and divided into four (separate) divisions. All four of these divisions breathe the vision and mission of Expo-Line, with a common goal ‘To Create A Brilliant Game’.

Thanks to this unique division (offering product & services) Expo-Line can fully distinguish itself from the competition.


“This is Expo-Line’s third division that will allow it to establish itself as an international player in the market thanks to the presence of Expo-Line’s Vanishingspray.”

The development of the Vanishingspray in 2010 is one of the results after many years of “research & development.
Our Vanishingspray was introduced by FIFA during the 2014 World Cup and later the 2016 European Championship ,2018 World Cup and EC 2021.

This is Expo-Line’s third division that will allow it to establish itself as an international player in the market thanks to the presence of Expo-Line’s Vanishingspray

Which is used in just about all of Europe’s top leagues, with references such as the Jupilier Pro League, Premier League, Primera Division, Serie A and Ligue 1, …

Frank De Bleeckere, a former Belgian soccer referee who was part of top-level referees, is an ambassador for the product. Thanks in part to his network and the quality of Expo-Line’s VanishingSpray, the product has been highly touted.


Frank's Vision

In 2014, the Vanishing spray was introduced worldwide at the World Cup in Brazil and immediately approved as well.
The can of white foam was and is a panacea for keeping the players at bay. The distance of 9m15 was respected by the players by a simple white line that disappeared after some time. 

Expo-Line was prepared for the World Cup in Brazil and thus ready to jump on this train. I myself went with the Red Devils to Brazil to conduct practice matches before using the vanishing spray. After the World Cup, everyone saw that it was a success and the spray was introduced worldwide.

We set out to provide the top Belgian referees with the vanishing spray in the Jupiler Pro League after the World Cup in Brazil.
A first !


We were aware that our product had to be top notch in terms of comfort for the referee.
After we got the green light from the referees who tested the sprays, we continued step by step with our strategy to approach our customers in a professional way with a top product. Our plan succeeded because we now have very nice references in our portfolio. Satisfied soccer federations coming back year after year for our sprays is our greatest satisfaction.

Our Expo-Line Vanishing Spray is at the top of the international soccer league.
An achievement we are proud of because our product is appreciated by every soccer referee.

It is up to us to maintain and expand the quality and service. We are always evaluating our products but also modernizing them, so we are certainly not sitting still. There is still a lot in the pipeline….

Welcome to our world, the world of Expo-Line Vanishing Spray !