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A white line that disappears on its own after 40 seconds keeps the wall in place when a free kick is taken. One spray can be used to draw seven to 10 lines in normal use.
This easy-to-use spray was developed for all football leagues.

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*Please note that our sprays are only sold in packs of 24, 48 or 96.

This patent is a right granted to Expo-Line Vanishing Spray
to exclude others from making, using, selling or importing
Expo-Line Vanishingspray without our consent.

Compact and doesn't bother when running. 
Holds enough Vanishing Spray to draw one 25m line.
That’s equal to seven lines by normal use in a soccer game. 

A solid holder clamps the vanishingspray fixed at waist height.
The comfort paddle gives extra
stabilization while running.
Just slide the hol
ster over the waistband.

"This spray is very useful," said FIFA President Gianni Infantino after the UEFA Referees Committee approved introducing vanishing spray paint for UEFA matches following a trial. 

Give more visibility to your sponsors and broadcast them on your Vanishingspray label. 

We guarantee that your vanishing spray will not expire in the next three years after your purchase. 

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